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Interior design & Product development firm based in London - United Kingdom. Having  years of experience designing interior products, furnishings, fabrics, custom flooring, rugs & carpets for International stores, Interior designers, Hotels, Luxury Yachts and Private clients.


After understanding the client's request, evaluating the actual site requirement, we then seek to offer possibilities in order to create a space/product that reflects both the client’s style and comfort.

Creating the excitement

We have the benefit to work direct with manufacturer's from around the world who help us to produce quality interior products. We  love to work with people with passion, creativity and to understand how to create:

"Your unique piece of art."

Close the deal

God has given us two ears and one mouth for some reason. We are here to work on the policy,

"A happy returning customer is your biggest achievement."

Welcome to UKBCC Ltd & SIGMA CARPET Manufacturing (Thailand)Co., Ltd.

Custom made carpets to order for Residential & Commercial projects



UKBCC Ltd works and represents SIGMA CARPET MANUFACTURING (Thailand) Co. Ltd.


 We don't just supply carpet but we sell TRUST!



Sigma Carpet is recognized as a powerful creative source stretching the way people think about pattern and colour on the floor. Our ability to combine thoughtful design with experience and technical knowledge allows us to deliver high performance floor coverings that will take your breath away. With our hard work and commitment on quality , we have successfully undertaken and executed outstanding custom carpet solutions for Hospitality, Commercial and VVIP residential Areas around the world . If you are looking to create the ultimate Luxury for your interior then look no further - we can create the most exquisite hand tufted rugs and wall-to-wall carpets using the finest virgin wools from New Zealand. We also use Cotton, Chenille, Silk, Linen, Bamboo, Viscose, Lurex, Crystal Yarn and all Synthetic yarns. At sigma , We are constantly looking for new yarns and products to keep up with the ever increasing demand of the client requirements.

The opportunities with hand tufted are almost limitless, in term of colors, design treatments and textural effects. The size and scale of our hand tufted carpets are only limited by our physical capability to transport extremely large pieces.

For years now, Sigma has become a strong name in GCC for Custom made Hand tufted carpet whether it will be in rugs or wall to wall carpet working with top end designer and contractors. Owned by professionals engaged in the flooring industry, the company prides itself on having the most exquisite handmade hand tufted manufacturing to floor various prestigious projects.


To be the keystone of an International Market Community that is pre-eminent in the world, known for both the high quality of our products and the excellence of our people for emphasizing on the Quality to be consumed by the mass.


 Our corporate mission consists of four intertwining goals relating to quality of the product, brand, timely delivery of goods and satisfaction of our clients.  

Our Quality Control process

Because we care.

We don't just supply carpet but we sell TRUST! We will go to every feasible means to bring satisfaction to our customers through consistent quality and environment friendly initiatives.

Quality control in purchasing.

We source quality raw materials, spend years on developing products and
relationships with suppliers to make sure we get the right quality!

Quality control in process.

Every piece of carpet that is tufted is inspected to see if any tufts are missing.
One person with a single needle tufting gun shoots pile yarn wherever missing
yarn is found. We check that the width of the carpet is within tolerance and that
the tuft height is of the correct length. The mass per unit area of pile yarn is a significant test because pile density determines the feel of the carpet.Backing fabrics are tested for strength by tension testing. The primary backing's strength is checked both before and after tufting. The delamination strength of the secondary backing is also tested by determining at what force the secondary backing can be pulled away from the primary backing.

Quality control system 

With the implementation of QA Tools to our organization we are able to ensure that our processes are efficient. One of them is PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).  

Environmental Responsibility


Our commitment to environmental responsibility and the wider community is established with sincere intent and this is evident by our actions. We have an obligation to continue our business in a manner that minimizes our negative impact on the environment and enhances our positive contribution. We do all that we can to meet that obligation. Beside making quality products we are able to turn waste into saving by:

REUSE - We : We reuse items such as paper cores, wooden pallets, large and small cardboard inserts. And at the beginning of 2010 we established a waste yarn reuse facility at our carpet factory and resell to the locally at low prices to helped the unemployed in the villages by utilizing the waste to make hammocks for their OTOP’s product reuse items suc paper cores, wooden pallets, large and small cardboard he ste to make hammocks for their OTOP’s product.

OTOP (one tumbon (village) one product) is the Campaign that Thai Government has been promoting to local industry through the manufacturing.changes test




( New Zealand Wool, Bamboo Silk, Shiny Nylon, Viscose, Crystal Yarn.)


(80% NZ Wool & 20% Nylon.)


(100% Nylon, 80% NZ Wool & 20% Nylon.)





Welcome to UKBCC Ltd - MIR Collection

UKBCC Ltd. - MIR Collection

Special Custom made style carpets & rug.

UKBCC Ltd can produce a  program range in various sizes, colour or design as per your requirement. for bulk orders.

Special  fibres used to make this product. Can be used in humid condition. 

The product has breathable texture which is also very therapeutic, soft and durable to use.

Great product for a toddlers first rug or to bring luxury with style to bathrooms..

***( A Non slip pad is advised so that the rug does not move from its place.)



Interiors at UKBCC Ltd.,

is designed, finished and packaged in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to UKBCC Ltd. exquisite Collectors Collection

UKBCC Ltd. - Collectors Collection

 UKBCC Ltd specializes in luxurious handmade rugs, kilims and a variety of textile weaves. 

Our collection includes the highest eminence of vintage, traditional, and contemporary designs .

***( A Non slip pad is advised so that the rug does not move from its place.)



Interiors at UKBCC Ltd.,

is a unique collection procured & offered


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We believe quality should never be a compromise. No matter what product you're looking for, we guarantee reliability. We want you to feel confident that your purchase is of the highest caliber.


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option for Invoices at request. We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come for our unique interior products.

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